Kingsgate Logistics Wins 2022 Goering Center Award

September 14 2022

Cincinnati, OH - Last night, the Goering Center for Family and Private Businesses named Kingsgate Logistics as a winner of the 2022 Goering Center Awards. Kingsgate, a family-owned and operated third-party logistics provider, was founded by Merry and Tom Beckham in 1986 on three principles: hard work, exemplary service and the highest levels of integrity. Now, in its 36th year of business, the company is led by the second generation of the Beckham/Barnett Family - Owning Partners Jeff and Julie Beckham, Amy Barnett and David Beckham. Today, five out of the six grandchildren in the third-generation all work in various roles at Kingsgate.

Kingsgate has grown tremendously since its founding and has emerged as one of the most forward-thinking leaders in the logistics industry with the implementation of cutting-edge technology. While the business has made its mark in the logistics industry, the founding family still holds close the value of treating employees and customers like family. The Kingsgate owning partners equate much of their success to the relationships they have built over the last 36+ years. One of the core values at Kingsgate remains true - the business is rooted in legacy. Kingsgate Logistics remains one of the most respected companies in the region because of their ability to be accountable, honest and transparent with their employees and customers.

On company culture, Kingsgate CEO Jeff Beckham said, “The things that matter to your team that you’re building every day - what’s important to you is important to them as well. I think if you’re transparent with them and you share what you know about your business, where the business is headed, and why and how we’re going to get there - that tends to make people happy and they want to stay.”

Kingsgate is honored to receive this recognition and would like to extend their congratulations to the rest of the honorees at the 2022 Goering Center Awards. Additionally, Kingsgate thanks the Goering Center for their invaluable partnership and is grateful for their commitment to support family and private businesses in the Greater-Cincinnati region.


Media Contact: Rian Beckham, Communications Director, 513.682.9152,


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