The Chili Cook-Off at Kingsgate’s Dayton Office

November 18 2019

Last Friday, November 15, our employees at our Dayton office, Ground Control, engaged in a cut-throat chili cook-off competition to see who has the best chili in Austin Landing. Five of our bravest employees chopped, diced, sautéed and simmered their coveted chili recipes – each one with a different twist. Then, we put them to the test.

We take our chili cook-offs seriously and drove in some refined guest judges from our West Chester headquarters. The judges panel was as follows: Mark “Eddie” Edwards, Operations Manager, and Jay “The Count” Murnen, CFO, but the entire Dayton team had a vote in who took home the prized trophy!

The taste test wasn’t easy, because let’s face it… any and all chili is pretty tasty, but a winner was crowned! Congrats to Bob N. who took home the 2019 Chili Cook-Off 1st place trophy! Here’s what the team at Ground Control had to say about the winning chili:

  • “Bob's chili was delish, made with steak & sausage – super spicy, super flavorful.” – Melissa B.
  • "Two words come to mind with Bob's chili... steak and fire." – Lucas P.
  • “If you are looking for a new skincare regimen, then you have come to the right place. Bob's chili will not only fill your belly, but it will also clear ALL of your pores with a gentle steady sweat from the inside out. Bob's chili was a big hit and should be for many fall festivities to come. - New York Times” – Alex Trotter

Thanks to all who participated!