October 07 2019

This past Friday, October 4th, members of the Kingsgate Family went down to cheer on the University of Cincinnati Bearcats who faced the University of Central Florida Knights; what an incredible game! The Bearcats won in the last few minutes of the game with a final score of 27-24. With this win, the Bearcats claimed first place in the ACC. Our team had a blast tailgating before the game and enjoyed showing their support for the Bearcats on the first day that finally felt like fall. We asked a few of our employees to share their thoughts about this event:


1. What was your experience at the UC Tailgate and game like?

Jake T. – The tailgate was very fun – great food too! It’s always nice to hang out with co-workers in a more relaxed setting!

Brittney W. – The tailgate was an awesome time! The food and drinks were awesome and delicious! The game and seats were outstanding!

Conley K. – My experience at the tailgate and game was great! It was fun to hang out with coworkers outside of the office and see my Bearcats get the win.

Carlyn O. – The UC Tailgate was a lot of fun. Kingsgate had their own tent at Sheakly Lawn and provided food and drinks for employees. Employees from all different departments were there enjoying spending time with each other.

2. Describe your favorite part about this event?

Jake T. – Hanging out with everyone on such a nice night in that atmosphere was very cool.

Brittney W. – My favorite part of the event was interacting with not only our company and employees, but the neighboring companies as well. It was a nice way to meet local companies!

Conley K. – My favorite part about this event (excluding the beer and food) was just being able to catch up with coworkers from the other offices that I haven’t seen in a while, as well as the ones I get to see every day in the Innovation Hub.

Carlyn O. – My favorite part of this event was the game itself! Kingsgate employees all had seats sitting near each other and UC won the game, so it was a great time!

3. What does it mean to you that Kingsgate has opportunities like this for their employees?

Jake T. – It makes you feel appreciated – makes you feel like you are part of the Family!

Brittney W. – The game was awesome and a great way to spend time with the team in a different environment! I wish even more of the team came to join in on the fun.

Conley K. – It means a lot to me that Kingsgate has events like this for their employees. It really just scratches the surface of how they regularly show their care and appreciation for us. It brings all of us closer together and emphasizes the family-oriented environment that is present every day in the office.

Carlyn O. – I love working for a company that provides their employees with fun events like this, it shows me how much they care about their employees!

Jerel N. – Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend the game due to some unforeseen circumstances. I just want to say the owners doing things like this for their employees is magnificent and shows great appreciation! I’ve had plenty of jobs where they wouldn’t even let you take full breaks, let alone reward you just for being an employee of the company! You can be reminded of the opportunity and rewards for being a part of the Kingsgate Family!


Having casual, out of office events like Friday’s tailgate is a huge part of #KeepingItKingsgate! Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to provide our employees with opportunities to join one another in attending local sports events. The Kingsgate Family works extremely hard day-in and day-out and we want to thank them for that work!

We’re continually adding to our team and hope to continue giving the Kingsgate Family various ways to enjoy their job (in and out of the office). If you’re interested in joining our growing team click here.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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