June 06 2016

Kingsgate Transportation is an industry leading, non-asset based third-party transportation (3PL) company providing our customers with the best transportation and logistics support services for over 30 years. Kingsgate was founded by my parents, Merry and Tom Beckham, in 1986. In 2008 my siblings and my wife and I purchased the company and are continuing the family tradition. What’s different?

WE’VE GROWN, in many ways! We moved into an expanded modern office in 2015, carried on our family tradition to our 3rd generation and within the past 6 months, have nearly doubled in size. Throughout our growth, we’ve maintained the relationships that have established us as a 3PL leader while continuing to expand and develop new partnerships. As we continue through this growth era, we look to give our input on what is happening in the transportation and 3PL industry in our weekly blog posts.

In the day of modern technology, we are all bombarded with the constant sharing of information, articles, data, facts and opinions. Kingsgate, as an industry leader, wants to share only the top industry news and how it will affect our business, carriers and customers in this pivotal time. As technology advances and legislation changes, we encourage you to look to Kingsgate to inform and guide you through every turn of the transportation industry.

Feel free to reach out to our team with questions and comments. Thank you for your support!

All the best,
Jeff Beckham, Partner

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