February 05 2018

Over the past five to ten years, transparency has become a business buzzword. Panera has started a whole campaign centered around transparency. Displaying their food close-up and in high-def, to show they use real ingredients. They’re adding a level of corporate transparency in an industry where “egg” can be FDA approved despite being pumped with fillers and additives. Apple published a transparent message to their customers about their batteries performance, after receiving complaints from customers who felt they were deceived. The list of corporations large and small that provide levels of transparency could go on and on.

Today, customers expect transparency from the companies they give their business to. The transportation and logistics industry is no exception. In fact, in our industry it’s even more important, to be honest, and upfront with the potential roadblocks that could occur with our customers’ shipments at every turn. Transparency builds trust and deepens relationships with customers and carriers.

This is why Kingsgate’s method is grounded in the accumulation of knowledge and a loyalty to relationships. Regardless of role you need us to play, we’ll always make sure that each interaction is informed by the last, with information and data collected and made transparent at every step of the way. We’ll be honest about the challenges and possible outcomes, and keep our eye on where you want to take things in the future, using our expertise and technology to help you decide how to get there. And then we’ll push forward every day — and through the night — to deliver the goods so your business can thrive.

Here are just some of the ways Kingsgate uses transparency to better our business and our customer’s businesses:

  • One of the ways we establish transparency is by leveraging the use of analytics that our clients have access to. These analytics are often customized to our clients’ specific needs and they are able to log in and analyze their data every single day. This transparency allows us to work together as we identify opportunities to strengthen the entire supply chain.
  • We also leverage technology like the “Trucker Tools Load Track” tool to be able to provide constant updates to our clients on their orders. If our customers want to have an update on the truck location immediately? With a single click, they can see the last GPS location of that piece of equipment. This level of transparency provides our customers and their vendors full visibility, even into traffic and weather patterns.

  • We also provide full visibility to Orders, Tracking, Paperwork, Quotes and A/R all from our online customer portal. Clients can go back and see all of their existing or historical orders and pull the information they need. This puts our TMS in your hands to work collaboratively. You can even submit your orders directly from this portal!

How are you transparent with your customers? What are your thoughts on the growing necessity of transparency in the business world?

Reach out and let Kingsgate know.


All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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