November 12 2018

This industry never stops. At Kingsgate, we push forward every day – and through the night – to deliver the goods that keep businesses thriving, because that’s what the industry does. Truckers are the backbone of getting freight moved through the night and, truth be told, life on the road can be draining.

The daily fatigue drivers face can become a safety issue. According to the Department of Transportation, professional truck drivers aren’t allowed to work over 70 hours a week and are required to take a break after each eight-hour shift worked. As discussed on the blog (here, here and here), the ELD mandate is also supposed to help with driver health and safety.

Mentioned in my second blog post, the FMCSA believes that using ELDs could save an average of 26 lives and prevent 562 injuries resulting from crashes involving commercial motor vehicles annually. The ELDs should reduce driver fatigue, which is currently managed by inaccurate HOS logging. The E-logs ensure all drivers on the road are following proper safety standards.

However, there still is a gap in how employers and employees view job fatigue and its impact on safety, as shown in this infographic via Freight Waves and their source: NSC fatigue in safety-critical industries.

(via FreightWaves – https://www.freightwaves.com/news/infographics/fatigue-in-transportation)

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