Why Kingsgate Logistics for Your Supply Chain Management Process

March 22 2022

Nowadays especially, finding the right partner for your supply chain management process is essential. Even though many companies can provide high-quality services, not all of them will align with your company's needs. Before deciding which to work with as your logistics service provider, there are some aspects you must consider.

Six Reasons Why

We have a combined experience of 100 years and an established carrier network at Kingsgate. We are focused on innovation and we always put our customers first. If you're not convinced yet, here are six reasons why allowing Kingsgate to handle your supply chain management process makes sense for your business.   

1) Reliability 

Companies within the logistics industry are always searching for reliability. Essentially, companies search for a logistics partner to whom they are comfortable delegating critical parts of their operations without hesitation. Reliability is a significant factor in any working relationship and it’s only obtained through experience and industry expertise.   

We have maintained a close relationship with our customers at Kingsgate for more than three decades thanks to our commitment. We follow the golden rule as we provide high-quality services, just like we would like others to provide high-quality services for us.   

Our communication is open, and we make sure expectations are set from the beginning of the process and what we say we will do, we do. Hence, our customers confidently rely on us to get the job done, creating a streamlined workflow that benefits all parties involved.   

2) Tech and data-driven 

Technology and innovation continue to lead the transportation and logistics industry. In fact, now more than ever, companies are investing in technology to create more efficient operations and counteract the current supply chain disruption.   

Besides making your operations more efficient, technology can also provide one of the most critical assets for any business: data. With data, you’ll be able to obtain insight into your operational gaps, assess the situation, and create strategic plans grounded on data.   

Technology, innovation, and data are elements that will make your business stand out in the saturated environment we are currently in.   

At Kingsgate, we are all about technology, innovation and continuously improving our process; we are always on the move. We have created proprietary technology to enhance our service and better our clients’ overall experience during the past few years. By utilizing our systems, we accumulate valuable data and share it with our customers to minimize risks and costs and create strategies based on data to improve their overall performance.

3) Transparency 

Creating a strong bond with clients is pivotal for seamless workflow, and one of the only ways to create this bond is by building trust. Trust is created if companies practice open communication and are completely transparent during all the process stages.   

At Kingsgate, we have achieved a high level of service by always being transparent and honest from the beginning of the working relationship. We always tell the truth and leave all cards on the table so that expectations are clear and there are no misunderstandings.   

As we gather so much data, we make sure we communicate helpful information to our clients and guide them along the path of creating an enhanced service offering. We are experts in logistics, and we are happy to help our clients in their processes through our knowledge of the industry we serve.

4) Flexibility 

Finding a partner that provides flexibility is also at the forefront of many leading companies within the industry. As the transportation and logistics industry encompasses many moving parts, logistics service providers must step up and fill in the gaps when required and as quickly as possible.   

The Kingsgate business model considers all the challenges companies face, allowing us to fill whatever role our customers need as a 3PL provider: from creating strategies to enhance our customers’ offerings to an on-demand resource. 

5) One-stop-shop 

Even though diversifying our industry is critical, it’s also a breath of fresh air to find a company that can handle a wide variety of services since this decreases the chances of things getting lost along the way. Companies with a broad service offering can provide more solutions for clients and become the one-stop shop they’re looking to take care of their business.   

We have specialized in truckload, LTL, expedited, intermodal, and international shipping through our years within the industry. Therefore, we can provide expert and high-quality services for a broader range of companies within the industry.   

6) Vetted carrier network 

Having trusted carriers to transport our clients' freight is critical since they are responsible for transporting the goods safely and delivering them on time to their destination. Companies need to search and select suitable carriers since the relationship with their customer is at stake depending on the carrier's performance.   

Our years of experience have allowed us to establish a nearly 65,000 freight carrier network who have become our allies and a pillar for our company's success. All our carriers are vetted and have the highest safety rankings that ensure trustworthy hands handle our clients' freight.   

Finding a suitable partner to handle your supply chain process does not have to be tedious! Join our team of satisfied clients and leverage the power of a 3PL provider that can take care of it all!   

Let's get started. Contact our team! 

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