2021 Contributions to the Logistics Industry: Kingsgate Logistics 

January 04 2022

2021 was the year when businesses started returning to normalcy. Most were proactive and applied what they learned during the unpredictable year that was 2020 and began their journey of adaptation to a new everything: market, consumers behavior, mentalities, and overall industry environment.   

As we look back on what we accomplished at Kingsgate in 2021, we are proud of our successes and accomplishments. We validated the importance of merging experience, expertise and technology to build the foundation for a solid and resilient business that overcomes adversity and generates incredible results within the transportation industry.   

Kingsgate Major Contributions to the Transportation Industry 

During 2021, we experienced significant growth, expanded our technology, participated in major industry events and successfully executed many projects.  

Here are some of the essential milestones for Kingsgate Logistics during 2021: 


At Kingsgate, we are proud of our company’s growth in many aspects like shipments and revenue, and much more.  

  • Shipments grew 20% in volume.  
  • Top line revenue grew 60%.  
  •  We had record-setting months in September through November. 

Success Cases  

This year, we partnered with many leading companies within the transportation industry to create incredible tech products to enhance our clients’ overall performance.  

  • Partnership with DAT IQ  

Kingsgate worked with DAT Freight & Analytics for two years to streamline freight brokering processes. Kingsgate can now increase market confidence through predictive analytics, reduce RFP (request for proposal) turnover time, and empower customers to make freight rate decisions.    

To learn more about how Kingsgate simplified RFP bids with DAT IQ, click on the link below: 

DAT Case Study  

  • Partnership with FreightWaves’ SONAR  

Kingsgate Logistics partnered with FreightWaves’ SONAR product to automate workflows, improve service levels, grow business, and leverage the power of insightful data.  

To know more about how we successfully use SONAR, click on the link below: 

SONAR Case Study 

  • Partnership with Hammacher Schlemmer  

Through utilizing Kingsgate Compass, Hammacher improved their relationships with vendors by offering them a one-stop platform with access to a vast number of carriers and providing them with P.O. visibility. 

Whitepaper: Improving Supplier Engagement 

New Technology 

Now more than ever, technology has become a crucial element for business success. At Kingsgate, we promote technology to enhance processes and develop software for companies within the industry. Our expertise allows us to create helpful software to benefit companies in the transportation industry.    

During this past year, we launched the following platforms:   

  • P.O. Module in Compass  

We launched the P.O. Module within the Compass Portal. This new tool captures visibility earlier in the supply chain and brings together procurement and transportation teams to drastically improve communications.   

  • Broker Advantage   

Broker Advantage is a customizable platform that’s powered by Trucker Tools, created to provide our carriers and partners with a unique and “branded” digital freight management tool. Broker Advantage leverages all the Trucker Tools apps delivering productivity, a streamlined process, and adds ease of use for truckers.   

Get to know Broker Advantage and how it can benefit your business! Click on the link below: 

Broker Advantage 

Transportation Industry Events 

We are more than open to participating in many industry events since they are an incredible opportunity to network with the transportation industry experts, get to know more about current trends and highlight our service offerings to a broader audience.  

  • TIA 3PL Xtend Conference: During this conference, our Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Tom Curee, spoke on a panel regarding the importance of data in our industry.  
  • TIA Capital Ideas Conference: During the event, Tom participated in a virtual session about the importance of digitizing operations and how it must become a priority and gave some tips on implementing a successful digital transformation. Watch the full session here
  • McLeod Conference: In this event, Tom participated in an interview where he discussed Kingsgate’s principles, employee incentives, management growth, and how customers affect the Kingsgate culture. Watch the full interview here!  
  • McLeod Business Process Automation Conference: Tom participated in a session where he spoke about the importance of innovation in the transportation and logistics industry.  

 Most Relevant Milestones 

We made the FreightTech 100 Awards List for the second year in a row! These awards recognize innovation within the freight industry. A select group of industry leaders chooses the top 100 companies generating disruption and value to the transportation industry.   

We ranked 5th overall for the CBC’s Women-Owned Businesses list and 4th overall for the DBJ Women-Owned Companies list. 

We were named in the FourKites quarterly Premier Carrier list. This list recognizes top-performing carriers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers with the highest visibility-related excellence standards.   

The Dayton Business Journal named Kingsgate Logistics in the 2021 Class of the DBJ Fast 50, which recognizes the 50 fastest-growing companies in the Dayton region. 

Even though 2021 was a challenging year, as we all had to accommodate our operations and lives to a new normality, it was also a year to search for alternatives and create better and more efficient workflows. We are more than pleased with our 2021 accomplishments at Kingsgate and are eager to see what is in store for us during 2022! Happy New Year!

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