Making Resolutions in an Uncertain Time

January 04 2021

A few short days ago, we were all celebrating the much-needed end to 2020 and start of a new year! 2021 is here and with that, the hope for a new beginning after such a tumultuous year. Resolutions, goals and aspirations are normally set and it made me think… what does goal setting look like when we still live in a very uncertain time?

I know many had unattainable 2020 goals when the pandemic hit. It’s very hard to travel more or socialize more when those very things are banned or at the very least more difficult to do. With the virus still being a factor in our lives and with so many lessons learned from last year – goal shifts would certainly be made. As we did last year, I asked the Kingsgate Family what their goals were for the upcoming year. Here’s what they said:


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What strikes me about both of these goals or aspirations is that people have truly learned from this pandemic and are using it as fuel for this new year! Rian is looking to pick-up the energy this year, despite the setbacks of last year, and Hannah is looking to lean into the things she’s learned and enjoyed doing during the past year. Neither of these goals are too lofty or out of reach but ways to improve themselves personally and professionally!

Both of these goals:

  1. Focus on what they can control
  2. Can pivot or proceed despite any form of disruption
  3. Are skills that can move forward future goals

What are your goals for 2021? How are you using the lessons from last year to shape this upcoming year?

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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