Transparency in Transportation: How We Do It | Part 2

September 28 2020

Back in 2018, I wrote this blog about transparency in the workplace. I discussed how transparency had become a business buzzword and, over the past two years, this buzzword has become a staple of business practice. Open and honest communication is both something consumers look for and businesses continue to find creative ways to provide.

Additionally, I touched on how the transportation and logistics industry is no different. I wrote, “In fact, in our industry it’s even more important to be honest and upfront with the potential roadblocks that could occur with our customers’ shipments at every turn. Transparency builds trust and deepens relationships with customers and carriers.” The importance of transparency for Kingsgate has only grown since 2018 and so have the ways we provide this visibility.

Here are just some of the ways Kingsgate now uses transparency to better our business and our customer’s businesses:

  • Launched Compass Portal to give insight into all shipments.