Our Fourth Annual Spirit Week: Virtual Edition

August 17 2020

This year, like everything else, our normal Spirit Week has been canceled or at least reconfigured. So, for 2020, we're going virtual! As you may remember from our 2019 blog on Spirit Week, typically, the Kingsgate Family is divided into teams that compete in six games throughout the week. Also, our traditional Spirit Week doesn’t have ordinary games, our Spirit Week games include Minute-To-Win-It style games, including: shaking tennis balls out of a tissue box attached to the players’ waist, a pop-a-shot tournament and using teamwork to stack cups using only string and a rubber band.

Well, with COVID-19 and social distancing in mind, all that went out the window. Our Marketing and Communications Department that typically manages our company engagement events pivoted this year and made Spirit Week completely virtual! Here’s a look into the schedule for this week:

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I know the whole Kingsgate Family is excited for this week and I’m looking forward to seeing all the virtual craziness go down. The best thing about our team is no matter the setbacks or the roadblocks, they’re resilient and dedicated to making the best of everything. Our company culture thrives on competition and fun – Spirit Week is the perfect example of that!

Make sure to follow our social channels as we share each fun step of the way!

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham



SPIRIT WEEK "Connect-ions" Clue:

Email Hannah - “Keeping it Kingsgate can’t wait… I need to know how we’ll celebrate”

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