National Logistics Day 2020

June 29 2020

Yesterday, June 28th was National Logistics Day, a day acknowledging the crucial role the logistics industry plays in both our national and global economies. Throughout COVID-19, the importance of the industry was clear. The supply chain kept store shelves stocked, first responders equipped and hospitals prepped with medical supplies. The logistics industry is the gear that keeps the supply chain moving regardless of the circumstances.

As our customers’ trusted logistics partner since 1986, we’ve learned a thing or two about anticipating and navigating roadblocks of any kind! The entire Kingsgate team is grateful to be a part of an industry that impacts almost every aspect of our lives. Last year we asked our team their favorite part about working in logistics and continued the tradition by asking them again. Here’s what they said:

  • “I love the constant hustle and bustle of logistics. Always something new so you will never get bored. Never a dull moment!” – Melissa H.
  • “No two days are alike... Always something different.” – Eric S.
  • “I love working in an industry that is so vital to the operation of the world. It makes work meaningful when you know your business is helping people get the goods and supplies they need!” – Rian B.
  • “The people! We get to interact with all sorts of people from drivers, to shippers, to customers to of course our own stellar team - I enjoy people-ing with the people.” – Mel B.

The logistics industry can be difficult and it’s full of twists and turns, but there’s nothing like working in an industry that impacts everyone!


All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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