Kingsgate at the Core

May 04 2020

A couple weeks ago, I shared quotes and lessons from our nation’s past to help us look forward. As I’ve been reflecting on our nation’s, past I also look back on our company’s history and my parents’ legacy. It becomes apparent that staying true to our core will be the way we navigate this roadblock.


We are the third-party logistics service provider of choice; creating lasting partnerships by utilizing customer-focused solutions.


Through our people, processes, and technology, we provide innovative and creative transportation solutions for our customers in a way that creates significant value to them and their customers.


  • Passion – towards the customer. It is the energy that fuels the entire organization in our relentless pursuit to exceed customer expectations.
  • Integrity – across the entire organization. Through interaction with clients, suppliers and one another, each individual will share the responsibility to uphold the integrity of the company.
  • Respect – the individual. An environment that encourages creativity and development of the individual will provide an arena for personal and business success.
  • Consistency – in all that we do. Doing things the right way, every time.
  • Creative Solutions – unleash the possibilities. We will foster and inspire an agile culture that enables us to make possible all that others cannot conceive.

Let’s start with our vision statement. I reflect, what stands out to me is “lasting partnerships.” Our company sees its greatest successes with the companies where we have long-standing relationships. Customers with whom we have survived the market crash of 1987, 9/11, and the great recession of 2008. Those customers stuck by us because we were there. We answered the call and did so with humility and mutual respect. We didn’t gouge customers and even took some hits for them to make sure they continued to serve their customers. The same holds true today. I am so proud of the effort our team is putting in for our customers. The seeds we sew today will harvest high returns down the road.

Our mission statement rings so true today. While we are facing challenging times, we are driving ahead in innovating great technology solutions for our customers. This investment will have great returns when we pull through all of this. Again, in our vision statement, we see a commitment to not just our customers, but our customers’ customers. If our client’s customers go away, we have nothing to ship, right? It’s essential to remember that when calling on our customer relationships.

And to our core values – nearly 20 years after first writing these, we still live them every day.

We often speak about the passion with which we expect to serve our customers. I always tell my customers, no one will work harder or care more for them than my company and me.

I think we all know the integrity with which our family expects us to operate the company. No matter what happens in a transaction, if we come out on the other end with our integrity intact, we will win every time.

Is respect more critical than now? We need one another to get through this – respecting one another and our work environment is crucial for us to pull through all this.

There’s no doubt we are consistent in our efforts to be great for our clients. Let’s continue to strive for the highest levels of excellence.

Creative solutions – we are always talking about innovating solutions for our organization and our customer. The launch of Book-It-Now with DAT is a perfect example that even in the most challenging times, we don’t stop innovating.

In challenging times, it is good to know that we have a vision and mission that will drive us through and beyond whatever obstacles we face.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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