SGN: Logistics

April 27 2020

If you’re anything like me, you are likely consuming more TV, radio and podcasts than at any point in the past. And something that continues to stick out at me is the constant quotes like, “in these uncertain times,” or, “in these challenging times,” or, “in a time of uncertainty” … I could go on and on.

Yes, these are undoubtedly challenging times, but honestly, I’m tired of hearing the sad messages hour by hour. There’s enough tragic news already. In line with John Krasinski’s SGN series, I wanted to share some of the good news I’ve seen shared in our industry.

Starting first, when ATA and President Trump thanked truckers for their role in the COVID-19 response.

“In the war against the virus, America’s truckers are really the foot soldiers that are carrying us to victory,” President Trump said. “Truckers are playing a critical role in vanquishing the virus, and they will be just as important as we work to get our economic engine roaring.”