Fighting COVID-19 Together

March 23 2020

Henry Ford said it best…

Coming together is the beginning

Keeping together is progress

Working together is success.

We are in unchartered waters dealing with all that’s going on around the COVID-19 health crisis. One of my critical responsibilities for the company is preparedness and risk mitigation. As the leader of the company, I am charged to make sure we are prepared for whatever challenge may arise. We have dealt with two financial crises in 1987 and 2008. We faced the aftermath of 9/11. We had to navigate being out of power several days as the result of Hurricane Ike storming through the Midwest, even a sewer backup into our office with four inches of sewage floating in some of our offices. We are prepared for a lot, but dealing with an infectious pandemic was not in the playbook.

Regardless of the challenge, Kingsgate will rise to tackle it. Now, more than any time in our company’s 33-year history, our team is coming together to keep the progress towards success. Last week, we rolled out a remote work from home program with a skeleton crew working from our offices. This is the first time in our 33-year history we’ve had to do something like this. We are doing so with the confidence that not only will our team continue to give our customers and carriers their very best, but that we will all give extra effort to the greater cause of keeping our country moving and our customers more than satisfied. Kingsgate will be here for all of our customers and make sure our customer experience remains the gold-standard in the industry.

This is a new week with new opportunities to be great! I’m proud to lead such a great group of people! I want to give a HUGE thank you to my team. Thank you for all you do for our company and for your teammates.

As Kingsgate and many companies are moving to remote set-up, I wanted to share these tips for working from home: