May 06 2019

Since 1986, Kingsgate has always been in the pursuit of constant improvement. It’s in our nature to be restless – to make every action, every system, every relationship better, stronger and smarter. With our restless nature in mind, the Kingsgate Navigators was born.

The Kingsgate Navigators will serve as an internal and cross-departmental committee that will assist the marketing team with generating content to bolster our business goals and allow us to better serve our customers. We see value in connecting with employees from all areas of the business, especially from some of our seasoned veterans and team members who work on the “front lines” of our business.

The entire Kingsgate Family was invited to apply to join the Navigators and after a selection process, we narrowed applicants down to eight members. Tomorrow, the team will meet for the first time and get down to business. We’re beyond excited to see how the Kingsgate Navigators help us innovate and are grateful for so many enthusiastic employees who want to contribute to the success of the business.

In the graphic above you’ll see a breakdown of the variety of departments within the Kingsgate organization. We look forward to seeing how our team continues to contribute to our growth and success.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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