July 15 2019

Last week, in the midst of a competitive Spirit Week, the Kingsgate Family had a visit from the famous Trooper of Trooper’s Telegraph. If you haven’t heard of him and his tragic though inspiring story, I’m sure you will soon. Just last week, Channel 9 News did this story on Trooper and his mission and cause.

Trooper is a rescue dog who was abandoned in a park with his brother as a puppy. He lost his legs, tail and eye after being struck by a train; but along with his adoptive mom and dad, Trooper hopes to educate others on animal abuse and neglect.

At Kingsgate, we’ve used our community outreach as a way to help our employees bond and support the causes that they are personally invested in. We listen to feedback from employees regarding the organizations we add to our Kingsgate Gives Back program. For example, Carrier Sales and Procurement Specialist, Eric S., has been following Trooper on social media for a while now and thought the Kingsgate Gives Back program could help Trooper continue to draw awareness to animal abuse and neglect.

Eric said, “Trooper is such an amazing pup. He sets an example for all of us and reminds people to never give up and always look for ways to make the best of a bad situation. Having him come visit Kingsgate was such and honor and it was so nice to see the joy on everyone’s face seeing him move around!”

With Eric’s recommendation, we reached out to Trooper’s Telegraph and arranged to collect items for a local animal shelter. We feel extremely fortunate that we were able to help Trooper continue to bring joy and awareness to the greater Cincinnati region.

You can follow Trooper along on his Facebook or Instagram or host your own collection and have him come pick up the items by emailing troopertelegraph@gmail.com!