July 22 2019

Back in April, I introduced Kingsgate’s Dayton Sales Office Leader, Steve Kassin (read here). Steve has been working with our Dayton team and has made incredible strides in the establishment of our Dayton team. He will be moving from the Dayton office to our new office at the 1819 Innovation Hub at UC. Steve will be responsible for building out and leading our Hub sales team as well as representing us in our sales related partnerships with the university. This is a vital role in our future sales growth, and we identified Steve as the ideal candidate to lead that office.

With this change, our Dayton team will now be led by my nephew, Andy Barnett. Andy has been with the company for nearly 14 years and built a very successful book of business as our leading salesperson for the past several years. Andy has informally been working as a sales leader over the last 12-18 months by mentoring some of our new hires and interns. More importantly, this is a very big step for Andy, as our family begins to look to the future and planning for the 3rd generation of future company leaders.

I asked both Steve and Andy about this change, Steve shared his thoughts on the move:


1. What achievements have been made with the Dayton office? Any thoughts, comments about leaving the team?

We’ve been able to double our margin numbers along with doubling our staff in a few short months. I will miss working side by side with such a great group of individuals, but I am confident in the direction they are headed. Dayton is solidifying its foundation and moving toward being the best sales team in the company. I can’t wait to see them get there!

2. How do you hope to bolster Kingsgate’s growth with your involvement at the Hub?

By building into and growing partnerships we currently have and gaining new ones. Communicating the exciting new technology that’s being developed to the sales teams.

3. What are your thoughts/feelings about heading up the UC office? What excites you? What challenges do you see ahead?

I am very excited to head up the office. Just being near campus and to be a part of what’s going on with UC is going to be very cool. Challenges will be building our foundation for the sales team. We currently have 1 veteran along with some new talent. We will work together to duplicate ourselves to get that solid base to build upon.


Andy shared his thoughts on continuing the Beckham/Barnett family leadership by moving to Dayton:


1. Tell me a bit about your background with Kingsgate.

I’ve wanted to work at Kingsgate since I was 5. I always had an ambition to one day work at my Grandpa and Grandma’s company. I started part-time in 2005, while attending school, and started working full time by 2006. I have worked in pretty much every operational Role Kingsgate has needed. From LTL Tracking to managing some of our biggest clients, to then finding and bringing in several of our bigger clients.

2. How do you hope to bolster Kingsgate’s growth with your involvement at the Dayton Office?

I believe that by leading, and not simply managing, the Dayton team will help promote a healthy environment where the team is eager to grow. I hope by utilizing my experiences the team will have a new dynamic and have additional ways to approaching new clients, and organically growing who they are currently working with.

3. What are your thoughts/feelings about heading up the Dayton office? What excites you? What challenges do you see ahead?

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to dedicate my time to helping the team be successful. I know I will learn several invaluable lessons regarding leadership and hope to transition those lessons into our future leaders throughout the country. My biggest challenge will be finding ways to motivate each individual on my team. I realize there are multiple different reasons for someone to choose Kingsgate as their “second home” so I want to be sure to help drive growth by providing the atmosphere that is driven by motivation!

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at Kingsgate?

Aside from the culture, it would be the daily intellectual tasks that come along with the job. I get to learn a little something about several different commodities or markets on a daily basis. I believe that to be a unique benefit while working at Kingsgate.

5. Describe what this transition means for Kingsgate’s future and the 3rd generation of Beckham/Barnett’s at Kingsgate?

To me, this is my opportunity to help advance the family legacy. I believe that by leading my coworkers to become as successful as they would like creates a prosperous future for generations 4-6.


Kingsgate is so excited to see our third office open in the very near future and continue our growth and development with each expansion of our company! We’re wishing Andy and Steve the best of luck in their new adventures and look forward to seeing them thrive at our satellite offices.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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