August 19 2019

Last week, Transport Topics published this blog on The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s pending proposal to change drivers’ Hours-Of-Service (HOS). This proposal would improve safety on the roads and, at its core, give drivers greater flexibility. The flexibility allows drivers to handle unpredictable weather conditions, traffic and parking issues. Ultimately, the changes would allow drivers the ability to adjust in ways that were lost in the switch to E-logs (read more on the ELD mandate here).

Here is an excerpt of the five key revisions to the HOS Rules from Transport Topics:

These changes are highly anticipated and will be welcomed by most carriers that have “felt like they were racing the clock with…ELDs,” according to Raymond Martinez, FMCSA Administrator. The FMCSA does not anticipate any adverse impacts on driver health or change market demand.

Martinez also said, “we hope that providing this type of flexibility puts a little more power back in the hands of drivers and carriers to make smart decisions with regard to safety and the realities of what they’re facing on the roadways.”

FMCSA will accept feedback on this proposal 45 days after it is published on August 20th. To read the proposal in its entirety click here.

What do you think about this pending change?

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Jeff Beckham

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