August 26 2019

Kingsgate Logistics has continued our partnership with the University of Cincinnati and we officially opened our new space in the 1819 Innovation Hub (to read our press release click here). As a strategic third-party logistics provider, we’re thrilled to collaborate with the Innovation Hub in an environment that is supportive of advancements in technology in a multitude of industries.

Our decision to open our second satellite location, named “Intelligence Base,” in Clifton was based on the opportunity to engage with UC’s faculty and students, and to tap into their pipeline of talent and innovation. With this partnership, Kingsgate looks forward to providing opportunities in the realm of innovative sales, data analytics, and systems development. These positions will focus on practical experience, as well as innovative project work to redefine existing processes in the 3PL industry. 

Cincinnati is often referred to as the ‘Silicon-Valley of Logistics’ and we intend to use this partnership with the Innovation Hub to develop customer-facing solutions by using cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and more. This partnership is just one piece of the significant investment we are making in our technology team to deliver world-class technology to our company and customers. Having the opportunity to get involved with UC was the perfect match.

Over the past three years, our followers and readers have watched our growth. We have more than doubled in size, and we’re thrilled to continue spreading our reach throughout the region. In addition to our newest satellite office in Clifton, Kingsgate has expanded our space at our West Chester headquarters. Follow us on social media to see additional updates on our expansion.


Here are some images from our new dynamic space at the Innovation Hub: