September 09 2019

Kingsgate has always invested in logistics technology to keep our customers ahead of the curve. In the past year, we’ve more than doubled our IT staff and made a seven-figure investment into advancing our logistics technology and how it can benefit our employees, carriers and our customers. Kingsgate’s Vice President of Strategic Development Tom Curee has been speaking on how Kingsgate has been using tech to transform trucking.

Curee said, “We want to help our industry recognize and embrace the opportunities we’re seeing in these new technologies. We believe that as we all collectively begin exploring the capabilities found in AI, ML and DL, we will be able to improve efficiencies across the entire supply chain, producing additional value to our clients.”



Tom hosted a session at the 2019 McLeod Software user conference in Denver, CO last month. Curee discussed how Artificial Intelligence, in particular, can be used in transportation and logistics to assist brokers and shippers matching trucks to loads. Kingsgate has implemented AI in six areas of our business and is looking to continue implementing this technology in two additional areas of our growing business.

 Heavy Duty Trucking recapped Tom’s session here and the Commercial Carrier Journal did so here.


Tomorrow, Tom will be hosting a webinar in partnership with the Trucker Tools team from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. He’ll be discussing how to become a broker of choice for your customers. In addition, he’ll explain how Kingsgate is leveraging new tech to create a “Book it Now” functionality for our carrier base as we get more involved in the digital freight brokerage space.

To register for tomorrow’s webinar click here.


How do you think technology can and will transform the transportation and trucking industry?

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Jeff Beckham

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