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Blog Takeover- Lessons from My First Internship

August 12, 2019

As the Kingsgate summer internship program comes to an end, I wanted to take the time to reflect on my time here and how Kingsgate has supported my professional development and career growth. My name is Angelica Dawinan and I am currently the marketing intern at Kingsgate. A little bit about myself: I am going into my junior year at The University of Cincinnati and am studying Marketing, while pursuing a Digital Engagement Certificate.

This was my first internship, my first 9-5, and my first job that will eventually lead me to my future career! Going into this internship, there were many firsts. My first marketing campaign, my first time running a company’s social media platforms, even my first mental breakdown in the office bathroom. I had many worries going into this internship, but looking back at my time here, I am extremely grateful that my first real-world experience was with Kingsgate. If you’re starting out your first internship, here’s a few things I learned throughout my time here:

It’s okay to make mistakes

It was all very new to me being in a professional setting. Not having enough professional experience was at the top of my worries because I was prone to making more mistakes. Over time, I learned that of course, I am not going to know everything and that a good manager will recognize that and be patient. At Kingsgate, it wasn’t hard to ask questions for assistance when I was struggling. They want us to succeed here and give us meaningful feedback to prevent making the same mistake twice. I learned that internships are designed to offer a learning experience, not to be perfect in your everyday role.

The work you do matters, even as an intern

Interning here has certainly exceeded my expectations, in terms of day-to-day tasks. In movies, they usually portray the intern doing meaningless tasks, such as making copies or going on coffee runs. Interning at Kingsgate has given me a great deal of responsibility in improving our social media presence and developing new marketing strategies. I feel extremely valued for the work I do here because my ideas are encouraged and never overlooked. Even as an intern, I am able to have a voice and it is heard.

Corporate culture makes a difference

Kingsgate culture is truly like none other. A lot of my friends from school have interned at other places, and a frequent complaint of theirs was that they hated the environment they worked in. It took a toll on their motivation and dreaded going into work every day. I was fortunate enough to work at a place that really cares about their employees and their environment. Everyone here is so determined, passionate and hardworking. At the same time, they know how to have fun and make this place feel like a second home. This also makes it easier to build your professional network because the people I surround myself with are energetic, outgoing and welcoming. The relationships you build with your managers, mentors, and co-workers can be used as a valuable resource for your professional and personal growth. I am a very quiet person to begin with, but Kingsgate has given me an extra push to come out of my shell.

My time here at Kingsgate was an experience I certainly did not expect. I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to work for such a great company like Kingsgate. I can now say I am more confident in myself as I prepare for the real world and venture off to my future career. For about 12 weeks, I have been able to work confidently, and you can too. Believe me when I say you need to #JoinTheFamily, you won’t regret it.