Digital Marketing and AI in Logistics

April 29, 2019

Hello there and thanks for keeping up with Kingsgate this Monday morning. My name is Rian Beckham and I serve as the Director of Communications at Kingsgate. Throughout my eight months on the job, I’ve learned quite a bit about the logistics industry and which components are constantly changing in this line of business. What I’ve seen most recently is a shift in focus towards advanced technology in logistics. A few months ago, Kingsgate announced its decision to make a seven-figure investment in technology and grew our IT department by a few employees. Kingsgate Partner Jeff Beckham and I felt it was necessary for all departments at Kingsgate to stay informed about modern developments, which is why I’ve been taking a digital marketing class for the past ten weeks to keep up with tech trends specifically related to artificial intelligence in marketing.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned regarding the application of digital marketing and artificial intelligence (AI):

1. Artificial intelligence uses machine learning to automate and scale analytics.

Marketing automation campaigns are executed faster through next-generation analytics. This type of software can quickly identify likely customers, create highly customized and targeted campaigns, and accurately measure ROI.

2. Leveraging your resources to maintain a competitive edge is crucial in an industry like ours.

Businesses are far more successful in tapping into new markets when they have the tools to properly analyze customer insights and define a promising audience of potential customers.

3. Make use of your company’s resources and communicate through transmedia storytelling.

When mapping your content, find ways to tell your company’s story and connect with customers through different platforms. In logistics, it can be difficult to communicate what makes your specific business different from your competitors. Don’t repeat the same story to potential customers on each one of your digital platforms, but create more complex storylines and showcase them on the various channels. There are even AI programs that will now automatically create content for your company.

4. Put the customer first by identifying pain points, then innovate across the customer experience.

Develop content with your customers’ intent in mind and identify what their biggest problems may be. Figure out ways to improve the customer experience through eliminating frustration, raising the bar for how customers are treated and finally, create new ways to make your customers satisfied with their experience with your business over others.

I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had over the past ten weeks to learn more about the ways in which businesses like Kingsgate can leverage emerging technology. I’m excited and looking forward to utilizing our technology to implement smarter marketing and create a better experience for customers.

Thanks for reading,

Rian Beckham