Meet Steve – Kingsgate’s Dayton Sales Office Leader

April 22, 2019

With our Austin Landing office open and being in the swing of things, I wanted to take the time to introduce the leader our growing team at Ground Control, Steve Kassin. In the fall of 2018, Kingsgate announced Brad as our sales office leader for Dayton. However, with our rapid growth and a few changes in Kingsgate’s management, Brad moved to our Sales Manager role. Shortly after, Steve joined the Kingsgate Family and was integral in getting our Dayton team up and running! Everyone – meet Steve:


1. Tell me a bit about your background.

I’m originally from Milwaukee, WI, which is where I began my career in sales. That career led me throughout the Midwest developing sales teams in numerous markets, ultimately settling down in Cincinnati where I met my wife and started a family. I found my way into logistics about 6 years ago, living in the area and being around the industry’s huge presence here.

2. How long have you worked in sales and logistics?

I’ve been in sales and development for a total of 16 years with 6 of that being in logistics. I really found my passion for developing individuals and teams of sales people. Helping individuals find their potential, exceed their expectations and strive for excellence is one of the most rewarding careers I’ve been a part of. I enjoy being a part of an individual’s story in their journey for success.

3. How do you hope to bolster Kingsgate’s growth with your involvement here?

I hope to contribute to providing an incredible culture to work in. I will strive to have an environment that supports growth, teamwork, hard work, success and fun. My priority is to provide servant leadership, training, direction, motivation and a vision to every individual that’s a part of the Kingsgate family.

4. What are your thoughts/feelings about heading up the Dayton office? What excites you? What challenges do you see ahead?

I’m excited about being here at the beginning. To be a part of the founding team is awesome. Knowing where we are headed and to be surrounded by such great people to have that journey with is incredible. I can see the challenge being simply the unknown. With everything being so new, everyone will experience things they’ve never encountered before. The good thing is being able to learn and grow together as a team. To be able to look back and see where it all started and where we will be is something I look forward to every day.

5. What’s one thing you’ve learned about Kingsgate since working here that surprised you?

I wouldn’t say surprised but instead excited, would be the culture. I knew within a week of being here that this is exactly where I should be. The warm welcome, everyone’s eagerness to help and the genuineness of the leadership is a breath of fresh air.


Kingsgate is ecstatic to have Steve and it’s been incredible to see our Dayton team take-off. We look forward to continuing to grow our sales team in Dayton.  If you’re looking for a new career apply to join our Dayton team –

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham