Kingsgate’s Top 8 Pranks Over the Years

April 1, 2019

Happy April Fools’ Day! Today tricksters around the world are finding ways to prank their friends, family and co-workers in celebration of today. Kingsgate is no stranger to at-work pranks and we don’t wait for April Fools’ Day to mess with our co-workers.

Having fun with each other is part of Keeping it Kingsgate. This goes back to our small family-owned start, back when we were a 15-employee shop in a ranch office over on Eagle Ridge in West Chester. Here are Kingsgate’s Top 8 Pranks from over the years… the blog appropriate ones, that is:

  • One Kingsgate prank that has been with us for years is Chucky. To hear the whole story you’ll have to come join the Kingsgate Family, but we have a Chucky doll that pops up around the office. He’s dressed up for holidays, hides in drawers and is used to scare co-workers from time to time.
  • Passion for sports runs deep at Kingsgate, and for years our team has competed in fantasy football leagues, March Madness brackets, etc. This year is no different. When my team, the Kentucky Wildcats, faced our Manager of Carrier Sales’ team, the Tennessee Volunteers, my office the Monday following the game was a reflection of the Vols 82 to 78 win over the Wildcats… (I’ll get you back one day Mark).
  • Also this past year, on my brother David’s birthday, some members of the Kingsgate Family celebrated by wearing his typical office attire to work and, of course, decorating his office.
  • Back at our old office, we liked to have some fun by randomly moving people’s cars. Also, members of our team would instruct new hires to park in my parking space, just to see the look on my face when I’d get into the office… thanks for that one guys.
  • We’ve had our fair share of fun “Photoshops” throughout the years on days when your co-workers need an extra laugh.
  • Then we’ve got my nephew, Andy Barnett, who loves to joke around with his co-workers often. From the occasional desk swap, where he switches discreet items on two co-workers desks, to the cartoons he draws on our VP of strategic development’s whiteboard, he’s always walking around the office doing something.
  • We also used to make customized bumper stickers for each other at the old office. Some would say “Honk, I don’t know this is here,” others would be slightly more colorful, but some of our team would be honked at all the way home.
  • Then there’s the classic taking batteries out of each other’s mouses, keyboards, and changing monitor orientation or background image so when your co-worker returned to their desk, their computer wasn’t as they expected.

Work isn’t always easy, everyone has bad days; but, finding a team that can support you by making you crack a smile makes working that much more worthwhile! Happy April Fools’ Day from the Kingsgate Family and happy pranking.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham