Why Working at a 3PL Makes a Difference

March 25, 2019

The importance of trucking and the transportation industry has become a theme here on our blog, in our social media messaging and throughout our training and mentorship at Kingsgate. I first wrote this blog in 2016 after a golf tournament when a fellow golfer said, “no offense, but I hate those damn trucks when I’m traveling.” It was then when I realized how the general public doesn’t always understand how vital the transportation industry is to life as we know it. Then last year, I wrote a blog about the sacrifices truckers make to do a very necessary job as another reminder of why they’re important to you and me. Even those heavily involved in logistics and the supply chain, including Kingsgate employees and myself, can forget the gravity and importance of the work we do.

At Kingsgate, we continually look for ways to empower our employees and remind them that the work they do matters. By ensuring that freight gets shipped, employees contribute to the stability of our nation’s economy, as well as the global economy, and human survival in general. Not just for Kingsgate personally, but for the U.S. and the global economy as well as human survival. We created the video below to remind our team and educate others about the importance of the transportation and logistics industry.

Third-Party Logistics providers are a necessary gear in the ever-moving supply chain. We work with customers who have freight to ship and connect them with carriers with the means to ship that freight. We keep store shelves stocked, hospitals equipped with medical supplies and gas tanks full. In doing this, businesses can operate, and everyone can get the goods and services they need. 3PL’s also keep small trucking companies and countless other businesses running too.

What 3PL’s do is important for our community and the world.  That’s why what we do makes a difference. If you want to make a difference, click here and join our team today – KingsgateLogistics.com/careers.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham