Dayton Office Open for Business

March 4, 2019

Today is the first day our Dayton Team calls Austin Landing their official home. They’ll be working in our new office we’ve coined “Ground Control.” The names of all four of our Kingsgate branches are military themed, and the meaning of each name is rooted in Kingsgate’s history, the office location’s history or the function of the office space.

For example, Dayton is famously known as the home of the Wright Brothers, the founders of flight. In the military, ground control is used to manage aircraft traffic, so the name is fitting for our office located in the birthplace of aviation. In addition, our first satellite office is named in honor of our founder Tom Beckham, after the lyric in David Bowie’s song, “Ground Control to Major Tom.”

We announced this opening back in July of 2018, and after months of planning, permitting, construction and lots of hard work, we’re finally seeing the fruits of our labor. When we initially began looking for a new space for our first satellite office, my siblings and I knew Austin Landing would be an amazing place to be. The whole area has become a thriving and fun area for working professionals. As a company that really appreciates work-life balance, we knew we wanted our team to have access to this dynamic community.

The Kingsgate team is excited to start this new adventure and continue growing. We look forward to all the progress we’ll have in Dayton and I also want to take today to recognize the members of our team that are getting our Dayton office up and running! We will miss having them around HQ, but are excited for all our joint success as this office begins to flourish.

Kingsgate is still hiring for our Dayton office, apply to join our team by clicking here and stay tuned on our social media for more of an inside look of Ground Control.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham