New Year, New Headquarters

January 7, 2019

While I’m currently in sunny Florida with family, my mind is back home in cold Ohio — I’m eagerly thinking about the huge changes being made to the headquarters Kingsgate moved into back in 2015. Since then we’ve truly made our office a “home away from home” for our Kingsgate Family. Now, we’re excited to announce the newest change to our headquarters.

We are expanding our existing space off Union Center Blvd. by 10,000 sq. ft. Adding more room for around 25 new employees, adding a company fitness room, merging our customer-facing departments for efficient communication and continuing in our restless pursuit of positive growth. We’re renovating our existing third-floor space and opening a new space on the second floor that will be home to our sales and operations departments.

Over the past five years, Kingsgate has continually grown and changed in many ways. Change is part of our restless nature – our determination to make every action, every relationship, everything we do better, stronger and smarter. Our dedicated team is at the core of why we’re the best in the industry.  Science proves surroundings impact success. Kingsgate works to provide a fun, engaging and collaborative space for our employees; that allows them to do their job to the best of their ability.

The second floor of our revamped headquarters includes an open layout that encourages connection and innovation, as well as, additional collaborative work spaces for both independent thinking and private meetings. We’re also adding an entire area for our training department to continue our efforts to recruit and train emerging talent.

Kingsgate Floor 2 *this is a mock-up, not an exact rendering and is not an official copy of the company construction prints*

In our existing third floor office we’re remodeling and creating a large break/lunch room for our employees to relax and unwind in during their breaks and re-structuring our administrative offices for business meetings and organizational success. The largest change to the third floor will be the addition of a company fitness center for employee use before, during and after work.

Kingsgate Floor 3 *this is a mock-up, not an exact rendering and is not an official copy of the company construction prints* *

This all comes at a time while we’re also working on our new space up in the Austin Landing area in Dayton, OH (read more here). It’s a rather exciting time for Kingsgate and I can’t stop thinking about the exciting acquisitions 2019 will bring our team!

Stay tuned on our social media for updated on our new space.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham