Kingsgate 2018: A Year of Growth in Review

December 31, 2018

With today being New Year’s Eve, I would like to reflect on the past year. It feels like just yesterday I wrote our 2017 recap (view here) and again, it’s hard to believe how fast 2018 flew by. This year was full of ups and downs – growth and set-backs – but through every pro and con, Kingsgate learned and improved. We are ready to continue reaching our goals in 2019! When looking back at all our triumphs, these are the ones we’re most proud of:


At the start of 2018, Kingsgate had only 51 employees; we are now finishing the year with 70 employees. We pushed our recruiting efforts hard in 2018 and experienced some growing pains – but ultimately, we’re starting 2019 with a loyal, hard-working and like-minded team that is ready to take next year by storm! One of my proudest moments of success, both as a father and a business owner, was hiring my eldest daughter Rian as the Director of Communications. We added another member of the 3rd generation to the business which made me very proud.


The continued success we had this year that allowed us to move forward with growing into new markets while also investing in and expanding HQ is extremely exciting. As we continue our search for the best and brightest talent, being near that talent and providing the best resources possible will be a key component to future success. Stay tuned for a blog in 2019 revealing more details about our developments to our expanded HQ and the opening of our first satellite office in Dayton, OH!


My father and Kingsgate’s founder Tom Beckham gave us one key piece of advice, “Make sure the taxes are paid, and if you have anything left, give back.” I’ve shared this quote many times, and as Kingsgate continues to grow, our ability to giveback has also grown immensely. This is another accomplishment the partners and I truly cherish. 2018 was full of continuing our parents’ legacy, both with organizations we’ve worked with for years and with new organizations we hope to continue fostering a relationship with. To see the impact our generosity had on the Kingsgate Family and their efforts to continue our mission in their lives and on our behalves meant so much to all of us.

2018 was one for the books, and my siblings, wife and I feel more ready than ever to take on 2019 with the Kingsgate Family, our supportive clients and carriers and all of our Kingsgate supporters by our sides! Cheers to the new year and new opportunities!

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham