Driving During December

December 3, 2018

We are three days into December and to say the holiday season is upon us would be an understatement.  This time of year is just as stressful and busy as it is “holly and jolly,” and in the transportation industry that’s even truer. You may remember me discussing the efforts of truckers during the holiday season back in 2016 (read here), but I wanted to take a deeper dive into what it looks like to drive in December for professional truck drivers.

Truck drivers will typically work even more hours to deliver all the goods that make our holiday possible and aren’t always able to make it home to spend the holidays with their friends and families. With heavier work schedules and being far from home, truckers often don’t experience the joys of the holidays. It’s times like these when going the extra mile to thank drivers for what they do can make all the difference.

We encourage telling professional truckers “thank you” for all they do, especially during the holidays. Ultimately, the best way to show appreciation for professional drivers is to share the road; give the drivers extra space and be courteous while driving. Drivers are consistently honked at, cut off or put in dangerous or tricky situations by others on the road.

Be kind to the truck drivers you pass this holiday season. They’re essential for getting the cookies out for Santa, dinner on the table and the gifts under the tree.

Happy Holidays and All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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