A Thank You to Our Customers

October 8, 2018

Customer service is one of our core principles at Kingsgate – it’s what our company was founded on. The end of last week was National Customer Service Week, which leads me to reflect on our long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our connections run deep because we commit to customers. We become vital members of their teams, and we evolve as they evolve. We are an extension of their teams and have the opportunity to collaborate with them in ways that make their shipping more reliable.

This level of partnership is something Kingsgate is truly thankful for. Over the past three years, Kingsgate has grown in leaps and bounds and our customers’ satisfaction has been a constant focus for our team.

To all our customers, thank you for:

Giving us your feedback

Your thoughts, comments, constructive criticism, and ideas have helped get us to this point!

Giving us your trust

You’ve entrusted Kingsgate with your product or the materials you need to run your business. This is something Kingsgate doesn’t take lightly and we take every opportunity to ensure your freight is moved safely.

Giving us your loyalty

Kingsgate has grown and changed a lot over the years and we’ve been able to do so with your unwavering loyalty. We appreciate you moving with us through the many roadblocks the industry throws our way.

In an industry known for short lifespans, our longevity is due to our strong customer relationships. Thank you for being a part of Kingsgate’s success!

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham