Carriers Carrying Our Business Further

March 6, 2017

Relationships are vital to the success of third-party logistics. We often discuss the importance of taking care of our customers, but it is equally important to build strong relationships with our carriers.  If we don’t maintain strong connections with carriers, we can’t fulfill our promise to our customers; the promise that we will have their freight delivered safely and on time.  As a non-asset based company, Kingsgate and other 3PLs fully rely on carriers to move customers’ freight.

We believe in fostering a trustworthy relationship with carriers through: communication, respect and consistently keeping promises.


  • Third party logistics companies must maintain open lines of communication with carriers. 3PLs expect clear updates during the shipping process, and must provide carriers with the same courtesy. Be upfront with expectations, requirements, and compensation.

Treat Carriers with Respect

  • When carriers consistently provide great results, 3PLs tend to reward reliable carriers by continuing to do business with them. This will ultimately lead to a mutually beneficial relationship and a more streamlined supply chain.

Consistent Promises

  • Kingsgate prides itself in maintaining long standing relationships with our most trustworthy carriers. We’ve maintained relationships with our first carriers, keeping them in our network for over 30 years. Consistency and delivering on our promises builds the trust that is critical on both sides of carrier and 3PL relationship.

At Kingsgate, we believe in our tagline “We Can Take It From Here.” Our customers trust us to uphold this pledge and to manage their freight effectively.  Without our long-standing carrier relationships, built on trust and communication, we couldn’t fulfill this promise to our customers.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham