Why West Chester?

February 27, 2017

When my parents started their new business in the basement of their West Chester home, I had some reservations. Not because I thought they couldn’t make it; I knew how tenacious they both were. But because back then, West Chester was mostly farmland. I never imagined that when picking our most recent location, West Chester would be the perfect fit. But in the past 15 years, West Chester has exploded. It provides the perfect environment for not only residents, but also businesses like Kingsgate. Our new Kingsgate office is located just off Union Centre and it has given our employees more reasons to enjoy working at Kingsgate.

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1. Eating Options

 There is no shortage of great food options in West Chester (one of my main concerns in choosing a location). From local favorites like Tom + Chee and Dingle House, which we often refer to as our “downstairs conference room” to franchises like Buffalo Wild Wings and Smoothie King, our employees never run out of walkable lunch options.

2. Perfect Location

West Chester is nestled right between two major metropolitan areas, Dayton and Cincinnati. And sits right along I-75, allowing easy access to and from both cities. This allows Kingsgate and other West Chester businesses to get hard working talent from both areas.

3. Union Centre Square

Kingsgate is lucky enough to have The Square at Union Centre right outside our office doors. Throughout the year, our employees often take advantage of the community events that take place in The Square. From the Farmers Market, the Food Truck Rally and the weekly summer concert series The Square provides a gathering place for our employees and members of the West Chester community.

4. West Chester/Liberty Community

Without a doubt, the best part of working in West Chester is the community. All of our employees are invested in giving back to the community, and West Chester provides great opportunities for this. We currently sponsor both the West Chester Chamber Alliance and the Rotary Club of West Chester.

West Chester has been the ideal location for us to grow over the last 31 years. West Chester provides our employees with a great work area, exciting community events and support for our company. We at Kingsgate are excited to see where the future takes this blossoming city of West Chester.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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